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Ongoing Classes

Margot Parsons offers ongoing open classes on Monday mornings at the Dance Complex, located at 536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, in Central Square. For further information about open adult classes, view The Dance Complex page at:

The classes in Intermediate Ballet are held every Monday morning from 10:30 am to 12:00 am and are accompanied on the piano by Joe Della Penna. Single class cost is $15.

Classes are open to anyone wanting to improve his or her technical and artistic skills. Individual attention is given to placement and alignment within the ballet technique along with an emphasis on musicality and expression through movement.

Joe Della Penna standing by the piano in Studio 3 at The Dance Complex, with Margot seen in the mirror



Additionally, Margot Parsons teaches intermediate and beginning ballet as well as pointe and a Ballet Repertory class at Boston University. These classes are open to the public. For further information, please contact Boston University, at 617-353-0865.

Master classes and private instruction are available. Please contact Margot Parsons at margotp@dancevisions.net or at 617-484-3783.

Dancers who have studied with Ms. Parsons at The Dance Complex, at Boston University, or at Boston College have gone onto performing in major companies such as Merce Cunningham, the Louisville Ballet, and local companies in New York City and Boston.