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Reviews of Margot Parsons’ Dance Company’s 24th Anniversary Show:

"Contemporary choreographer Margot Parsons doesn’t make isolated or vaguely inspired dances. Rather, each of her efforts is more proof of a personal cosmology. What is allowed and what is prohibited into the
cosmology? Responses suggest a woman who is philosophical rather than psychological, austerely formal and given to sudden bursts of passion. Those qualities might seem to contradict each other. But last night at Boston University Dance Theater, Margot Parsons Dance Company offered five recent dances that were mesmerizing in their structure and wide-ranging in their aesthetic concerns.”
—Theodore Bale, Boston Herald, May 2006

“Margot Parsons…ballet-based choreography revels in formal clarity….The pleasure of her work is the visual satisfaction of sweeping turns, luxurious stretches, and leaps that extend the body into long clean lines, all counterbalanced by the modern dancer’s grounded focus.” —Boston Globe, May 2006. .

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Margot Parsons’
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View "Stirrings" by Margot Parsons, music by Ai Isshiki and Steve MIlton. Watch the video!

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